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Materials we take

Synchor Recycling accepts all types of asphalt roof shingles and major cedar shake materials to make your recycling needs easy and affordable. We accept these in the hopes that people in Calgary will learn of the environmental and economic benefits that recycling has on the community here in Calgary.

Products we make

Through the recycled shingle and cedar shake that we accept, Synchor Recycling provides high-quality cedar mulch wood chips and recycled asphalt from shingles for a safer and more responsible recycling experience. Our products are used from roadwork projects to landscaping projects. The benefits outweigh the costs.

Mobile Grinding

Synchor Recycling’s custom grinding services ensure that all of the recycled materials are ground up for reuse in the community, whether it’s asphalt driveways or mulch wood barks. Through the use of our equipment, we can make the recycling process more efficient and more reliable to all parties involved.

Exceptional Service

“I’ve been working with Synchor for the last year and a half. We use their custom grinding services at our landfill and they have been great to work with. Not only do they bring quality equipment when they show up, but they also bring highly qualified staff and a great attitude as well. Working with them has made my life easier. They are very flexible and willing to adapt on the fly to make sure the job gets done right. I would recommend Synchor Recycling for any custom griding jobs you need, whether that be with wood, drywall or asphalt shingles.” Joe Angevine

Great location & affordable pricing

“One of the main reasons why I like using Synchor Recycling is because of their location. Easy access, I get in and get out. Synchor Recycling is a friendly and affordable spot for us to use. We highly recommend their services.” Stephan Brochu

Synchor is the Best Recycling pant in Calgary

“I’m a regular at Synchor Recycling, and I can’t say enough good things about them. I often have to get rid of cedar shake and the team at Synchor Recycling is quick and efficient with helping me get the job done.” Gerald Spooner

Synchor Recycling is awesome. Thanks guys

“We had a huge quantity of asphalt shingles that we had to get rid of, and even more on the way. Synchor Recycling helped us recycle all of them. Easy team to work with!” Thomas Flemming